What does Craftykidz do?

About Craftykidz



Craftykidz was founded in 2009, inspired by my youngest of 3 children aged just 5 at the time.
He said ‘I want to do a club that makes fun stuff like we do mum”
“Ok, let’s see what we can find”
There wasn’t a club we could find that fulfilled his needs.
Imagination fired and full of energetic enthusiasm, a small class was developed. It worked a treat; gluing, sticking, creating, making and baking began in earnest. The only requirements, a good measure of enthusiasm and a cup of imagination…. More>

Children of all ages benefit from the right environment where they are free to express their inner artist.
We provide a caring nurturing environment in after school clubs for your child to explore, create, make and bake to their hearts content.
These experiences help to build essential skills for life that your child will carry with them into their successful futures.
With the demands of work and home, we knows its not always possible to provide these experiences so let us help and take care of it for you…. More>